Saturday, May 1, 2010


I apologize for the delay, faithful reader (I'm looking at you, C.)! I did not have internet for a few weeks, but just had it re-installed/established this morning. So, hurrah!

Necklaces. I like them. Here are some specific ones I found recently.

This necklace, by Gosia, is fun and simple. I have a tendency to wear shirts that may be slightly lower cut than necessary (no judging here), and I believe the necklace would compliment the neckline well.
Another Gosia necklace I really enjoyed was this 'Infinity' line. It's amazingly simple but elegant and lovely and I want to be wearing it now.

Moving on from Gosia, this last necklace by MissSophisticate is really cute. In case I haven't been fairly one note and obvious yet, I like simple lines and clean cut designs. This follows that quite well. I love it!!

The end!

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